September 22, 2014

ApartmentRatings.com - Homestead Properties is Stephenville's highest rated apartment provider. Real tenant reviews from valid users and email addresses.

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we have school leases

If you aren't attending classes for an entire year why are you signing a lease for a year? Depending on availability Homestead Properties strives to meet a student's needs with Aug-May leases. Check in early!

All-electric appliances

All-electric appliances to include your furnace and air conditioner mean keeping track of just one utility bill because Homestead Properties pays for your sewer, water and garbage. Routine & emergency maintenance.

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What's close to campus in your mind? In our minds it's from 2-4 blocks to the center of campus. Our apartments surround the local campus and "You can walk to class!"



Homestead Properties 471 N Harbin Drive.